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Hello, great members of lost_md.

I'm sorry you guys haven't heard anything from us in a while; RL is beyond hectic at the moment, and for that I apologise.

I just finished midterms and all the lovely things university students do in one chunk.

Things should be getting along soon, though.

I'll be setting up a meet-and-greet on AIM very very soon. Until then, I encourage you all to join lost_md_ooc and post there. Introduce yourselves and discuss possible plot points (keep in mind, though, that we do have some awesome things in store for you guys).

Take loads of care, you guys. =)

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The Special Requirements

DUN DUN DUNNNN. This is what sets us apart from all the other games! These bits of information are related to individual characters. They were created to make the crossover aspects of the game very very clear.

Basically, take all information here as canon/truth in our crossover verse aside from what you already know. Use this information wisely. Much of the information here cannot just be randomly blurted out; I expect to find them mostly in the journal entries (since entries are private, personal thoughts), though they can eventually be revealed in threads. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to comment here.

Note that not all characters have requirements. This is not due to neglect or favouritism, but is more due to either not wanting to force a connection that looks dumb, or simply not finding any feasible or noteworthy information for that character. Again, if any of you have ideas brewing or ideas that came to mind regarding any of the characters, feel free to comment here and we'll see if we can incorporate the idea(s) into the game. :D

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:D Pretty shiny, if I say so myself.
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The Application

The following is the application you must fill out in order to qualify for a character position. Please remember to check the list of characters prior to application to ensure that you are fully eligible to attain the position and that your character of choice has not already been taken or is off-limits. Also, please remember that reading the rules is essential and a must.

If you are familiar and comfortable with both fandoms (which is preferred for obvious reasons), we highly encourage you to apply for both a House and a LOST character. You will not be playing two characters, but it gives us a chance to see more of your writing style, and, ultimately, choose the character that we think is best for you. If you are only comfortable writing for one or the other, we won't smite you, but just specify that (and tell us if you're completely in the dark when it comes to the other fandom!). Thanks!

- Please copy the above code as is.
- Sample works must be a minimum of 100 words. This is so we can really see your writing style. You can't really show us anything with less.
- Do not forget to check over your application and make sure that you have remembered to include everything you need to apply.
- As noted before, the first batch of applications and character assignments (a.k.a. who-got-what) will not be announced until (EDIT) February 10th. After that time, applications will still (and always) be open, for as long as we have available characters.
- It is only after you are accepted should you create a character journal.
- All comments are screened.
- Good luck!
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The Characters

Here be the character list. Choose wisely!

You'll see who's claimed who already. To those who have been approved and listed here, comment to this post with your character's journal so we can invite you to the community. =)

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If there are any other characters that are not listed here that you would wish to play, don't hesitate to run the idea by us here. I'm sorry, but we won't be allowing any original characters to join the fray. There are already so many to choose from, guys! :D
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The Rules

...that must be followed to a T.

Contrary to popular belief, rules were not made to be broken. Please please PLEASE take the time to read this thoroughly (more than once if you want, to get the hang of it). We wrote these as clear as we could, because they aren't just random rules like every other RPG out there. These are quite different. So please PLEASE PLEASE read through them.

Besides... new applicants HAVE to read these if they even want a chance to get in. :D

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These rules are subject to change at any time, if needed. Thanks very much, guys.

If any of the rules are unclear or if you have any questions, here is the place to ask them. :)