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The Special Requirements

DUN DUN DUNNNN. This is what sets us apart from all the other games! These bits of information are related to individual characters. They were created to make the crossover aspects of the game very very clear.

Basically, take all information here as canon/truth in our crossover verse aside from what you already know. Use this information wisely. Much of the information here cannot just be randomly blurted out; I expect to find them mostly in the journal entries (since entries are private, personal thoughts), though they can eventually be revealed in threads. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to comment here.

Note that not all characters have requirements. This is not due to neglect or favouritism, but is more due to either not wanting to force a connection that looks dumb, or simply not finding any feasible or noteworthy information for that character. Again, if any of you have ideas brewing or ideas that came to mind regarding any of the characters, feel free to comment here and we'll see if we can incorporate the idea(s) into the game. :D

If there's a name you aren't familiar with/can't remember who it is (as will be the case, I know, with everything Lostwise), simply look it up at Lostpedia. Or...ask here and I'll tell you. XD


House, MD Characters

Allison Cameron
- Romantically involved with Dr. Jack Shephard
- Did her internship at the Mayo Clinic. Fellow intern at the time was Juliet, though they were only - at the most - acquaintances.

Robert Chase
- Was neighbours with Claire Littleton, and went to the same Primary and Secondary schools as she did (though they were never classmates; he is four years older than her). The two became fast friends as neighbours, and especially bonded over the fact that both their fathers abandoned them. As the only male figure in Claire's life, he quickly became attached to her, and was (and still is) very protective of her. He disapproved of her relationship with Thomas, which began when they were all in secondary school.
- Left Australia in 1996 to pursue a medical degree in the United States, which he received four years later.
- In 2001, while completing his internship at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Chase was present in the emergency room when Adam Rutherford and Sarah (Shephard) were rushed in. His inability to intubate Rutherford cost Rutherford precious seconds of his life, aside from the fact that Dr. Jack Shephard had already chosen to save Sarah of the two patients. Even though Shephard was his superior, he lashed out at the doctor's choice to ignore Rutherford and let the man die. Since then, the two's relationship became very strained and forced; they were barely civil with one another.
(Also, incidentally, [thanks to the show], due to his guilt and failure in saving Rutherford's life, Chase has since perfected intubation, and does it most of the time when the team needs to intubate a patient).
- Chase was the doctor who broke the news of Rutherford's death to his daughter, Shannon.
- Knows what happened to Tom Brennan; was already working at PPTH when it happened in 2003

Lisa Cuddy
- Knows Penelope Widmore, as she is Cuddy's contact with regards to the relationship of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and its number one funder: the Widmore Corporation.
- Had been trying to get pregnant (via donor[s]) for over a year and a half. Met with a fertility doctor in the early stages of this attempt. The doctor was Juliet.
- After the pregnancy attempts failed, she turned to adoption, and in a yet-to-be-revealed plot point (mine is an evil laugh, muahaha), was supposed to meet up with Claire Littleton regarding her unborn child. Claire obviously never showed. Because of the delicacy of the entire issue (and her disappointment with being "stood up"), Cuddy has not revealed the adoption plan to anyone she worked/was friends with.
- Had to turn down a doctor applying for a job in clinical psychology when she found out that the doctor had her own mental history and was still considered unfit to practice. That doctor was Libby.

James Wilson
- Went to the same school of medicine as Jack Shephard; the two were classmates before branching off into their specialties.
- Worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital before Jack did.
- Vied for Allison Cameron's affections, but backed off before he could straight-out lose to Jack; he still has feelings for Cameron.
- Along with Gregory House and Jack, personally met Tom Brennan as a colleague.

LOST Characters

Kate Austen
- Is known to James Wilson, Robert Chase and Gregory House because of what happened to Tom Brennan.

Boone Carlyle
- The Carlyle Wedding Company was in charge of Allison Cameron's wedding to her now-deceased husband.
- Boone survived the fall of the beechcraft, and has been at the camp, slowly but surely recovering. He has makeshift crutches made by John Locke. Their relationship has been severely strained thanks to what had happened, even though Boone does believe that the plane's fall was not Locke's fault.

Claire Littleton
- Was neighbours with Robert Chase during their childhood, and is good friends with him up to this day. They went to the same primary and secondary schools, the latter of which she met Thomas in. Against Chase's instinct and opinion, she continued a relationship with him (and we all know how that ended).
- Was supposed to take a connecting flight from Los Angeles to New Jersey to meet the person who was going to adopt her then unborn baby. That person was Lisa Cuddy.

John Locke
- Has chosen to distance himself from Boone because he blames himself for the beechcraft incident.

Charlie Pace
- Gregory House is a huge fan of Driveshaft, and listens to their music constantly. House also dislikes Driveshaft's lead singer, Liam Pace, because he quit and got clean. "There's no fun in that," he'd said when he heard the news.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
- Not knowing what to do with the heaps of money he still had, Reyes' representative suggested that it was a good idea to donate a large sum to a hospital or charity. After being convinced by his mother, who firmly believed that Jesus Christ would bless him for bestowing such a gift on the helpless and needy, Reyes wrote the names of one hundred and eight random hospitals from across the United States and put them in a box, and would pick four to donate to. In a stroke of luck - or bad luck, in Hurley's case - one of the four hospitals was Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Reyes flew to New Jersey personally to give the cheque, which was received by the hospital's Dean of Medicine, Lisa Cuddy.

Shannon Rutherford
- was in New Jersey with her father Adam when he got into an accident. He was rushed to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where Jack Shephard ultimately chose to save the person Rutherford had collided with, Sarah. This was witnessed and opposed by an angry Robert Chase, who then had to inform Shannon of her father's death.
- Is alive and on the island because Ana-Lucia does not exist in this storyline, kthxbye.
- It is up to the player as to whether or not she and Sayid Jarrah are still in a relationship.

Jack Shephard
- Prior to the crash, he worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
- Attended medical school with James Wilson, but Wilson began work at PPTH ahead of him
- Is romantically involved with Allison Cameron
- Tom Brennan was a professional colleague, whom he, Gregory House, and James Wilson knew

Penelope Widmore
- Knows Lisa Cuddy through her father's company. She is Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's liaison to the Widmore Corporation, which funds the hospital.

Elizabeth (a.k.a. Libby)
- Her job application as a clinical psychologist at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital was rejected after Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy discovered that she had a mental history of her own, making her unfit to practice.

Read the rules (more than once)?
Know what character(s) you want?
Brushed up on the new crossover canon above?

Then by golly, YOU'RE READY TO APPLY! :D

:D Pretty shiny, if I say so myself.
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