January 31st, 2007

  • caffrey

The Rules

...that must be followed to a T.

Contrary to popular belief, rules were not made to be broken. Please please PLEASE take the time to read this thoroughly (more than once if you want, to get the hang of it). We wrote these as clear as we could, because they aren't just random rules like every other RPG out there. These are quite different. So please PLEASE PLEASE read through them.

Besides... new applicants HAVE to read these if they even want a chance to get in. :D

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These rules are subject to change at any time, if needed. Thanks very much, guys.

If any of the rules are unclear or if you have any questions, here is the place to ask them. :)
  • caffrey

The Characters

Here be the character list. Choose wisely!

You'll see who's claimed who already. To those who have been approved and listed here, comment to this post with your character's journal so we can invite you to the community. =)

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If there are any other characters that are not listed here that you would wish to play, don't hesitate to run the idea by us here. I'm sorry, but we won't be allowing any original characters to join the fray. There are already so many to choose from, guys! :D