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The Rules

...that must be followed to a T.

Contrary to popular belief, rules were not made to be broken. Please please PLEASE take the time to read this thoroughly (more than once if you want, to get the hang of it). We wrote these as clear as we could, because they aren't just random rules like every other RPG out there. These are quite different. So please PLEASE PLEASE read through them.

Besides... new applicants HAVE to read these if they even want a chance to get in. :D


A. The Important, Special Stuff

01. Have loads of fun. The game shouldn't be a chore to you. :)

02. Aside from the established situations (that will ultimately be controlled by the moderators), there are also certain "requirements" and background information created by the moderators that come along with most individual characters that must be followed - no exceptions. For example:

If you play Jack Shephard, you must:
- have worked at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital prior to the crash
- have been classmates with James Wilson and therefore knew him even before working at PPTH
- be romantically involved with Allison Cameron

... and so on. These guidelines were created to facilitate the crossover aspect of the game. It isn't a crossover if none of the characters from both shows interact, after all.

03. We're all creative writers. If you happen to have an idea for a plotline or situation involving the characters (even if they're not your own!), privately run it by one of the moderators. The reason why this rule is extremely vital is that, unlike many/most RPGs out there, you can't simply dive in and start a new plotline. This game, much like the shows they're based on, already has a story mapped out (read: every event, no matter how small or random, that the moderators set into motion are done so deliberately). We aren't just randomly playing around. If your idea can fit into the skeleton of the storyline, then we will - by all means - include it. We welcome any and all ideas and suggestions. :)

04. Take note that the in-game time begins on November 27, 2004. This means that Lost-wise, everything up to the season two finale (Live Together, Die Alone Pt. 2) already occured and cannot/will not be ignored. We begin with the aftermath of Sawyer, Kate, and Jack being taken captive. Players who are playing Lost characters must take note of this. House-wise is a different story altogether. Because House is more in-synch with current time, only everything up to 1x05 (Damned If You Do) already occurred (coincidentally, that episode was the one that Elizabeth Mitchell guest-starred in, but NO, the nun and Juliet aren't the same person).

With that said, it is obvious that the House characters have much less canon to work with. This is either a blessing or a burden, because the writer must still stay true to the character (easy enough by watching how they are continously). At the end of your application, type "Everything happens for a reason and everybody lies." so we know that you read the rules. Just remember though, events such as Chase's father's visit and/or death, House getting shot, Tritter's existence, etc. have not (yet) occured. With all this in mind, try to not make too many references to current events or things in 2006/7/now. So, even if House wants to talk about how he loved that TV show on NBC called The Office or Hurley wants to rave about Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds, they can't, because those things have not occurred yet.

B. Posting and writing In-Character

05. Personal journals are made for the character's private thoughts, so no, other characters CANNOT comment in-character in response to them. This also means that unless the character reveals these thoughts in a thread interaction, no other character can suddenly know what he or she had been thinking.

Much like writing in a diary, personal journal entries are to be written in First-Person. Here's an example of a Claire Littleton entry:

Aaron's a month old today. He's healthy... as healthy as a month-old baby that never received proper medical care could be. Charlie and Hurley are the most adorable uncles to him, and even Jin's gotten all fatherly. I couldn't be more grateful. It's also amazing how Rose and Sun can be such role models to me, helping me learn to be a mum... even though neither of them have been mums.

I suppose it's because I'm so young.

...Robbie always told me that Thomas was bad news. Up until he left and even afterward. He'd CALL me long distance just to tell me that.

I should have believed him. He was right.

He's in America now. I could have surprised him there in New Jersey... he would have asked me to stay, too. Live with him. That's the kind of guy he is.

But then I wouldn't have met Charlie and everyone else here.

...it isn't wrong to find some good out of crashing on a psycho island, is it?

With regards to threads, these are written in Third-Person Limited. Limited simply means that you can only know what your character knows. It's simple. You only control the character(s) you play. You can write in, say, nurse #24 or fellow survivor #6, but you cannot suddenly control Foreman's reactions if you want to control the conversation your Chase is having with him.

Here is an example of the beginning of a thread, in-character as James Wilson:

Wilson didn't know what to do. They'd been sitting in his office for over an hour now; neither of them had said a word.

She'd been like this since the news of the plane's disappearance aired. Blank. Broken. And God, he wished he could fix her. He wished he could get rid of the desk between them, close the six-foot gap, and be there for her. Comfort her. But she didn't let him. Or anyone else, for that matter. And for some sick, sad reason, the latter thought comforted him.


He stopped and winced. No one called her Allison except Jack - a fact they were both well aware of.

After clearing his throat, Wilson corrected himself. "Cameron." He hated how weak his voice sounded. "You can do better than this. House usually whines to me about how emotionally involved and sympathetic you are with patients... today was the first day that he complained about the opposite. This isn't you anymore. You need to wake up."

Easy enough, yeah? :)

06. Similar to the above, there is no god-moding/modding allowed! You can't control other people's characters or create situations where other players have no other course of action to choose from; the same goes with life-changing/life-threatening situations. (Those are inevitable considering the nature of Lost, but it is up to the moderators, not you, to create these situations). You can't suddenly become the mastermind and blow up the island. You can't get House shot in the head. Sorry. :P

07. We aren't that strict when it comes to posting, but do try and post in your personal journal at least once a week. As for threads in the community, it's understandable that people won't always be online at the same time and that we all have real lives to tend to, so replies may come every few hours or even once a day. But please, please don't leave a fellow player hanging as well as the entire game hanging by not replying. If there's a valid reason, please feel free to inform the moderators or the person(s) you were interacting with, and we will understand completely. Otherwise, not posting or replying is simply rude and contrary to the point of an RPG. In the same vein, please finish the threads that you started. Unfinished threads are just plain fugly, not to mention confusing and annoying to read.

08. Absences over a long period of time should similarly be announced. Absences can be handled in a number of ways, depending on the situations he/she is currently in:

- if your character isn't in the middle of a thread or major storyline, he/she may simply "disappear" for a while and not be mentioned (much like an episode of Lost when a certain character simply isn't in it that day

- if your character is in the middle of a thread or major storyline, you may choose to:
---- allow one of the moderators to take over the role temporarily (this is called "temping," much like Ryan Howard)
---- allow the person/one of the people in the thread with you to take over (in both cases, feel free to express any additional notes that the player can use to stay true to your portrayal of the character)

As much as possible, long absences should be announced well in advance (an example would be exam week, vacations, etc). That way, in the days leading up to the absence, the moderators can make sure that the above situations rarely or never occur.

An unannounced absence of up to seven days will cause one of the moderators to try and contact you. If, at the tenth day, we receive no reply, your character will be open for application once more. Just as in number three, not posting or replying or disappearing with no reason or warning is rude and unfair to fellow players.

09. UNLIKE Lost, we WILL NOT suddenly kill off your character. There will be no character deaths in this game... but that won't mean there won't be any near-deaths. *MINE IS AN EVIL LAUGH, MUAHAHAHAHA*

10. Keep in-character posting and out-of-character discussion separate. We have lost_md_ooc for that purpose. Also, if troubles arise between you and another player, either solve it privately or bring it up with one of the moderators. Having player A's character stab player B's character just because player A is pissed is not the way to handle it.

11. This game's rating can go anywhere from G to R. Though certain "encounters" and "situations" (y'all know what I'm talking about... that word that rhymes with "tex") are allowed (when written properly and tastefully), we will not be allowing graphic situations, whether sexual or violent in nature, to be portrayed. When posting your application, type "Are we roleplaying?" in the subject line so we know you read the rules thoroughly. This is because we understand that many of the people who are interested in this game are under the age of eighteen. While age is no proof or sign of maturity, the game's environment would no doubt be a more comfortable one if everyone could read everything (and if smut wasn't written by a bunch of underage players XD).

Besides, neither show has needed to show graphic situations to tell their stories, so we don't, either.

12. Know your character and stay true to your character. Both shows have been on for two and a half seasons, so we're sure you're well attuned to your character's personality, the way he/she would react to certain situations. Sawyer has a twang, so use it. Wilson would NOT speak like "Yo, Hizzouse. How's it chillin'?" --Exaggeration, but you understand what I mean. Take note of details about your character, as well. An example would be that House MD's Pilot episode established that James Wilson is Jewish. No, you are not going to make him suddenly Buddhist. Kate was born in Iowa. It's established, so don't suddenly say that she was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Evi was. Not her. /randomfangirlfact

13. Have fun. :) Oh, did we say that already? Well it doesn't matter, because I had to repeat it anyway. HAVE FUN, EVERYONE. :D

Done with the rules? Check out the character list!

These rules are subject to change at any time, if needed. Thanks very much, guys.

If any of the rules are unclear or if you have any questions, here is the place to ask them. :)
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