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LOST, MD: crossing over the two best shows on television

LOST, MD: the best crossover rpg
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the gameLOST, MD

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Welcome to LOST, MD, the role-playing game that crosses two of the most awesome shows on television into one world.

It's November 29th, 2004. Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 has been missing from the civilized world for over two months.

On the island, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer have just been taken captive by The Others. The hatch has been obliterated, and all the other survivors are on the beach, planning a mission to rescue their three friends.

Meanwhile, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's staff struggle to function normally. Cameron believes that the people aboard Oceanic 815 - especially Jack - are still out there, though she now seems to be the only one.

One call will change everything. And everyone.

You're interested, aren't you.
Stay to find a plot uncovering the unknown fact that the Hanso Foundation is toying with many more lives aside from those on the island. While some of the people of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital struggle to get to the bottom of Oceanic 815's disappearance, they soon find themselves embroiled in situations greater and more dangerous than any of them thought possible.

This game was created and is run by caffrey & myst56.

We do not own any of the characters or locations or shows, nor do we claim to. But we did come up with the concepts. And the ideas. And the kickass storyline. Basically, pretty much everything you're familiar with? Not ours. Pretty much everything that isn't? Is.